Global Dog is the best way for dog lovers to stay connected while easily locating dog-friendly services based on their location.  The app also encourages daily connections with other dog lovers, with dog-related social causes, and with adoption/foster groups.  Global Dog provides a marketplace for all of your dog-loving needs.

Global Dog was built by people who are passionate about building a great company while also giving back to worthwhile social causes that promote animal welfare and create a better world for dogs.  We were founded in 2016 in Seattle, Washington, USA. We also started the Global Dog Foundation, a United States-based not for profit organization, to specifically promote social causes and fund dog welfare projects and rescue dog adoptions all over the world. Visit www.globaldogfoundation.org today to learn more about what we're doing.


Laurie Chen-Executive Director Global Dog
Carol Duke- VP Marketing Global Dog
Laurie Chen
Carol Duke
Executive Director
VP of Marketing
Skilled in Finance, Strategy, and Social Entrepreneurship, Laurie has worked across a diverse set of industries including Financial Services, International Development, and Energy and has strong international work experience in Brazil, Chile, Germany, Scotland, Thailand, Philippines, India, and China.  Laurie earned her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Duke University and MPA from The University of Texas at Austin.​  She is passionate about dog welfare and building beautiful user experiences while connecting the world. She enjoys being dog mom to a Shetland Sheepdog named Amos and a mixed-breed street dog adopted from Thailand named Fanta.
Carol has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communications, and startups. She is passionate about social media, content marketing and fundraising. Carol values giving back — especially in her local community. She was previously the social and communications lead for LEAP in Austin, TX which was created for young professionals to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.  Carol was an integral part of the organization for 8 years.  As a Texas native, Carol can’t live without a good bowl of queso and her cowboy boots. In her free time she enjoys traveling the world, tasting new red wines, and hanging out with her husband Josh, Boston Terrier Willie Nelson, and yellow English Lab Bristol Anne.
Daisy Wang- Marketing Intern Global Dog

Board of Advisors

David Wen, ServiceNow

Srikanth Sridhar, Amazon

Daisy Wang
Marketing Intern

Chief Dogs

Global Dog Chief Dogs
Global Dog Chief Dogs
Global Dog Chief Dogs
Bristol Anne &
​Willie Nelson
Global Dog coming soon to the app store
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Global Dog Foundation makes a better world for dogs
The Global Dog Foundation was created to make a better world for dogs through funding projects that will make a social impact.  Visit our non-profit dog rescue fund, the Global Dog Foundation, today, to make a difference for all dogs. www.globaldogfoundation.org