January 25, 2021

We are excited to announce our partnership with Nepal Dog Chews, a premium quality chew brand sourced in the foothills of the mystic Himalayas. These chews are made from Yak and cow milk, 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives/chemicals, or binding agents. It is easily digestible, and a healthier substitute to rawhide chews and bully sticks. It is available in different sizes to suit different breeds, sizes, and weights.

When you buy Nepal Dog Chews through Global Dog, we donate 30% of your purchase to Soi Dog Foundation. Soi Dog Foundation's mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities. The Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States for the welfare of stray dogs and cats. Its headquarters is in Phuket, Thailand, and it has been legally registered in Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. More info about Soi Dog Foundation here:


Nepal Dog Chews 3pcs Small

Nepal Dog Chews 3pcs Small Size Chews for Dogs under 15 lbs – 3.6oz (99g)




Nepal Dog Chews 3pcs Medium

Nepal Dog Chews 3pcs Medium Size Chews for Dogs under 35 lbs – 4.5oz (129g)



Nepal Dog Chews 2pcs Large

Nepal Dog Chews 2pcs Large Size Chews for Dogs under 55 lbs – 5oz (140g)



Nepal Dog Chews – indulge your dog in Himalayan goodness

Looking for a highly digestible, long-lasting chew for your furry friend? Nepal Dog Chews are a premium quality chew for dogs made from Yak and/or cow milk. High in protein yet low in fat, it’s a healthier substitute to rawhide chews and bully sticks made with chemicals that may cause stomach irritation.

Made in Nepal with milk procured from local farmers, the chews have just 3 ingredients. Milk, Himalayan rock salt and lime juice. They chews are a safe and natural choice; they include no preservatives or binding agreements that are found in many other dog treats.

These natural chews are highly digestible, ideal if your pet has previously had problems digesting chews. They are also lactose, gain and gluten free.

These hard chews are delicious, fun and guaranteed to provide long-lasting entertainment. The chews are odorless and soften as they are chewed and can help improve pet dental health by reducing tartar.

How are our chews made: Milk is received from the local Nepalese farmers, which is then pasteurized and skimmed. Skimmed milk is curdled by adding lime juice. Cheese curds obtained are pressed into molds. Hard pressed cheese is dried and aged in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The finished product is packaged and shipped so your pets can enjoy a healthy treat. Along with a healthy product for pets, we also believe in finding ways to give back to the community. We purchase cow and yak milk directly from local farmers. Through this association, we encourage and facilitate their grow.

Different size chews are available to meet the needs of all dogs. Choose from medium, large, extra large and jumbo chews. 

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